The Atomic Farmer #7: Oh No We Did-Ant

We just HAD to squeeze out one more update before 2019 draws to a close!

Full Patch Notes

Your farmstead has a new layout.

Look at all that space! Good – you’re going to need it for all that new construction you’re about to do.

The Ant Farmers build permanent upgrades. PERMANENT. UPGRADES.

Rescue them out in the biomes and they’ll offer to upgrade your farmstead (for a fee of course – where’s the gratitude?). Spend your hard-earned cornucopias on upgrades that permanently apply to each new run, like move speed, attack damage, health and more.

Finally something to spend your cornucopias on that isn’t just cats!*

*We know you’re just going to keep buying more cats.

Short on time? Quit mid-run and load back in later!

One of the most requested features from the community is now ready to be enjoyed… at your own pace of course. As long as you make it back to town at the end of the day, your progress for the current run will be saved; die though, and you’ll have to start back from the beginning again!

Community shout-out

This week we’d like to give a shout-out to alebay for making HUGE score improvements, cracking 50k this week and sharing their score with other fans over in Discord. Keep kicking ass and taking names!

See you all again next decade with more Atomicrops updates and news!