The Atomic Farmer #6

Once again, the time has come for a major content update. It’s a big one!

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Enemies. Enemies. Enemies. Enemies.

You’ve got a gun, right? Good. You’re gonna need it.

Bramble Patch introduces 4 brand new enemy types, sprinkled across the world.

Prepare to be burned to a crisp, entangled in pain and chased all over the place as you deal with these new foes.

What year is this?!

Its year 3, and we hope you’re ready to die.

Bramble Patch comes with a general re balance of the year system, and introduces our most difficult year yet.

Time for an upgrade or three

Herbicide Blood
Killing enemies destroys a patch of weeds 

Fertile Eggs
Chicken eggs have a chance to hatch a new chicken when collected 

Weed Harvesting
Weeds become harvestable
, earning a profit 

A sacrifice is demanded.

Mysterious shrines have appeared in the wild, ready to reward brave farmers with improved stats – at a price.

Kingdom players may recognize these strange discoveries.

Flowers of the Sun

A new rare crop has arrived: the Sunflower.

Once planted, they’ll only last for about 30 seconds. During that time, you can keep on fertilizing them to increase their size (and potential rewards). We’re looking forward to seeing screenshots of your biggest sunflowers!

But wait, there's more.

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Full Patch Notes

Community shout-out

This week we’d like to give a shout-out to Jedi, for their kind words over in the #atomicrops channel over at Discord.

See you again next time for another glimpse at what is yet to come…