The Atomic Farmer #5

A few weeks ago, we announced the name of the next content update – Bramble Patch – and listed some of the updates it would contain. Then last week we posted a teaser image of one of those updates. Here’s a little bit more detail to tide you over.

New camp type: Shrines

We’ve added a brand-new type of camp that you’ll have to liberate from enemies. Once freed, the statues will come to life and offer you a choice: increase farming stats or increase fighting stats. Be warned: each perk comes at a cost, and activating one statue will disable the other.

Something grows thataway

We couldn’t pass on the opportunity to do one more content tease… For skilled farmers, there’s a new Sunflower crop that can be harvested for money – but it’s a rare drop and behaves unlike any other crop in the game. Be smart about when you choose to plant it!

Bramble Patch sprouts November 27th

That’s only next week! Expect to learn everything that’s contained within in our Atomic Farmer #6 update and patch notes that will go live with the patch.

Community shout-out

This week we’d like to give a big shout-out to illibuster for jumping into our Discord and giving us a huge amount of feedback. Thanks illibuster, people like you giving us their likes and dislikes are helping to shape the game a little more each update.

We’ll be back next week with the Bramble Patch update.