The Atomic Farmer #14: Home Renovations

Lets talk about ants.

Got ants in your house?

Ants in Atomicrops are good news for any homeowner!

There are a total of 4 ants to rescue out in the wild, who will come live in your homestead and offer you rewards in exchange for precious Cornucopias.

Renovations & Permanent Upgrades.

Spend your hard-earned cornucopias on upgrades that permanently apply to each new run, like move speed, attack damage, health and more.

As you purchase upgrades, the ants will also renovate your homestead – quickly turning ruins in to a beautiful place to call home.

1.0 also introduces a brand new ant, focused on Energy and Mushroom upgrades.

Community shout-out

This week we’d like to let you all know about an art contest we’re running. The reward is a key for every Raw Fury game on Steam!