The Atomic Farmer #13: It’s Time To Robusta Move

Hello again! Since the last issue of The Atomic Farmer, we announced that Atomicrops will be leaving early access and launch into 1.0 on May 28th! And it will also launch on Switch, Xbox, and PS4 for the first time ever on the same day!

In our recent announcements, we’ve revealed that the upcoming 1.0 release will have:

New starting character!

Meet Robusta! If he looks a bit familiar it’s because he’s the city boy at the center of the Atomicrops animated trailer!

For veteran farmers

Being a coffee addicted city slicker, Robusta moves around pretty quickly! However, the entire game also runs faster when selecting Robusta making playthroughs even more challenging!

Not to drone on but…

Robusta starts with a drone to help keep those bundits at bay!

Community shout-out

This week we’d like to give a shout-out to Discord user Silas for giving farming tips to the community!

We’ll be back here next week with more info on the Atomicrops 1.0 update!