The Atomic Farmer #10: Love is in the Fields

We promised you some info about what’s coming.

If you thought the Megaton update was big, you ain't seen nothin' yet.

It’s really big. There’s so much stuff coming that we can’t drop it all at once – it might damage the floor. It’s going to be Coming Soon™ – but time is a relative construct. So each week we’ll be dropping some tasty Atomicrops morsels here and in our Discord! For starters:

More spouses are moving to town.

It’s time to welcome not just one but TWO new eligible bachelors to the candidate pool! First up is Waterchris, a handsome elemental that always knows the sweetest things to say at just the right time. Waterchris raises your farming stat, waters your crops, and causes large aloe vera crops to drop Heart Beets when harvested.

There’s also Furryosa, the fluffiest commando the wasteland has ever seen. She’ll follow you into combat, raise your fighting stat and cause all carrots to grow instantly.

More info coming next week!

For our Community Shoutout, this week we’d like to give a shout-out to Simsomsim for hanging out with us in our Discord since back during the original spouse vote!

We’ll be back next week with info on that flying skull thing.