UPDATE 2: The position has been filled. Thank you to all who applied!

UPDATE: We are no longer accepting new applications for this role.

Are you a marketing expert who lives and breathes performance-based metrics and business synergies? Do you thrive in professional environments, immersed day-to-day in spreadsheets and PowerPoints? Do you look forward to long hours at the office preparing presentations for upper management filled with buzzwords like “KPIs” and “pivot”?

This isn’t the job you’re looking for then! We’re hiring, but not you. You go away. If what we described above is NOT your thing, stick around!

Here’s what’s up: we’re Raw Fury. We like to do things a bit differently, and we pride ourselves on it. We’re real people and treat each other like it. We’re a “for happiness” company, so we work hard and play hard then we work a little more but then we definitely play more and then we think about working again but just keep playing and… you get it. It’s VIDEO GAMES for crying out loud, how serious should we be? Point is, we know enough about the rules of publishing only so we can figure out how to break those rules and try to get away with it. We need this new person joining our ranks to be cut from that same cloth!

We’re looking for a person to be the liaison to our amazing community. Someone who has a real passion for both games and the people who play them. Someone who wants to plug themselves into every event, every trending hashtag, and be the overall Voice of Fury™, not because it’s a job but because you think it’s fucking great.


  • Be our full-time [insert your title of choice here – Voice of Fury™ has a nice ring to it though]. It’s what some would call CM position, but you can call yourself whatever the hell you want as titles don’t mean anything round these parts.
  • Grow, engage, and completely own our social channels. You’ll be the first person our community interacts with, we want your personality to become one with our company’s voice. Think of fun, exciting, awesome stuff to do on a frequent basis that keeps our channels active, then be the one to go do it. Create GIFs, videos, images, polls, contests, limericks, etc. Be our in-house content creator.
  • Live in our Discord server. Seriously, these are our best people and THEY NEED YOU.
  • Be an extension of the marketing team, mostly for social media but you’ll find we don’t really limit ourselves to our role functions here.
  • Help plan our events and run demo stations. Yup, you will need to travel from time to time and sometimes on short notice.
  • Help us decide which games we should sign in the future.
  • A bunch of other things we’ll probably task you with later because we’re a small company and that’s just how we roll.


  • You live video games. They are a passion, a hobby, and a career choice all at once.
  • You’re a self-starter. When nobody has given you a task, you look for one. We have no “ass-in-seat” policy, we prioritize getting shit done over keeping some kind of schedule. Nobody is lording over you, we’re expecting that you’ll lead all community efforts and that we’ll learn from you!
  • You love people. Meeting and engaging strangers is energizing. You’re open-minded and embrace diversity of all shapes, sizes, colors, and creeds, because we’re all humans deserving a fair chance on spaceship Earth. You embrace the praise and shrug off the haters.
  • You’re an expert in our core channels: Discord, Twitter, Facebook, console communities, Steam forums, Reddit, Twitch, and can recognize other spaces where we should be if we aren’t already.
  • You’re a cunning linguist, able to write blogs, emails, posts, and tweets with a grace and humor that would make Shakespeare laugh and shed a tear at the same time.
  • You’re a masterclass content-creating chef, and creative software like Adobe CS are your tools, serving up mean image salads, GIF soups, and video entrees with pizazz.
  • You have prior experience at a game developer or publisher doing community management and know the ins and outs of the biz!


  • The right candidate can work from anywhere but it’s a plus if you’re in Stockholm, San Francisco, or Seattle areas since that’s where we are.
  • Be our resident livestreaming professional. Showcase our games, our developers, and really get creative here with very few restrictions and no hand-holding.
  • You’re a currently active content creator with a dedicated community. This shows us you know how to build something from the ground up and how to maintain it! And no, you don’t have to stop creating content for your own community if you’re hired.

If this sounds like you, and you’re interested in being a part of this funky endeavor with competitive compensation and sky-high aspirations, send us an email with your resume or CV to michael.bolton@rawfury.com. If you’ve got creative experience, we want to see the evidence of that too.

Please limit the number of corporate acronyms you use or our precious indie brains might explode.