awcember hasn’t even gotten into full swing yet, folks! Just the other day we revealed our partnership with developer Upstream Arcade on an upcoming game with an incredible dark western vibe. Today, we’re going to shift the spotlight over to another gem that we’re beyond excited for: a game called Atomicrops. 

I’m excited, orange you? 



r, as we’ve come to call it internally, “Raw Fury’s first FPS (Farm Protection Simulator)”. There’s a lot about this game from the talented mind of developer Danny Wynne that we love, but it’s that headline that really drives it home. It’s a glorious combination of three genres that we love: action games, roguelites, and farming sims. 

You own the last farm in the post-apocalypse wasteland, inherited from your late grandfather’s will mere moments before the surrounding countryside gets vaporized in a nuclear blast. Now as the only source of food for the local town, and constantly under threat from the local mutant wildlife, you do as any self-respecting farmer would do: 

Farm. Marry. Kill. 

Now lettuce unpack what all of that means, shall we? 



ending a farm is no easy task. Armed with a hoe and a watering pail, you must break through the irradiated ground to plant seeds, water them frequently, and harvest your ultra-GMO crops when the time is right. Deliver the goods to the townspeople on time and be showered with their gratitude (as well as a hefty profit, hyuk hyuk). 

You start with some basic potatoes, but those don’t sell for much. To really strike it rich, you have to grow a variety of atomicrops — the kind that can only be found by exploring away from the safety of your farm. Venture out and find those seeds! 

Quantity isn’t everything either. The wisest farmers know that you can really amp up the quality of your harvest by feeding your crops the irradiated remains of mutant bugs (yes, wise farmers really know this). 

Strategic planting is also key, so be sure to plant similar crops near each other. Atomicrops that are grouped and well-fertilized become mega crops worth much more. You want your mutant crops to have friends and grow up happy, right? 


o farming sim is complete without a little romance, right? Whether out of love, loneliness, or strategic imperative, the local town has eligible bachelors & bachelorettes looking for your companionship. Court them and woo them to find yourself a lovely new partner!  

What a partnership it can be, too. Spouses will help you both tend and defend your farm, giving you an edge to progress even further, while making you feel pleased about your life choices and tying you to weird obligations like family photos for holiday cards. 

Your house is also a key part of the game. Upgrades here are permanent across all of your playthroughs, making you more powerful and more capable of going farther each time. 


rom the mind and imagination of artist Toby Dixon. Seriously, I don’t want to imagine animated mutant vegetables done any other way. Go ahead, click around through that carousel there.


ey ya, Joonas here! 

I made a video showing you some of the sound creating in action. As with everything during making a game, a lot of the stuff you’re seeing and hearing is still “work in progress” (also in 25 frames per second) but I hope the video gives some insight to how things are made.

The video clips are from the actual recording sessions but sadly the sound is from the cameras’ own microphone, luckily it doesn’t sound too bad, whew, heh!

Later on I’ll make a video of the music creation, but for now I hope you’ll enjoy seeing how the sound effects are made. 🙂 


t’ll be here before you know it! Be sure to follow the development of Atomicrops on Twitter, and then come hang out with us and our devs in our Discord to tell them how hyped you are to grow some Atomicrops! 

Because I dunno about you, but I’m hyped. Eggcited, even. Berry much so. Ok, I’m done now. 


Atomicrops is developed by
Danny Wynne 
Toby Dixon 
Joonas Turner 

More info at