Roland Smedberg, 15 Year Veteran Video Director at DICE, is a Fury

Raw Fury Can’t Stop Won’t Stop

Raw Fury has been growing leaps and bounds over the last year, it is now home to a second IGF nominated game in GoNNER and every game we’ve published is over 90% positive on Steam. We owe most of that success to the wonderful developers we’re fortunate enough to call partners but we’ve got some talented people in our own ranks as well. Take our latest Fury for example! In his 15 year career, Roland Smedberg (or Rolle for short) brought iconic franchises at DICE to life as their Video Director, including Battlefield, Mirror’s Edge, and Star Wars Battlefront, by creating and leading production on stellar trailers and documentaries for the highly regarded studio. Today, he is one of us as our Chief Visualist.

But hey, you should read his own words below. His debut trailer for Raw Fury drops this Thursday, and you can see more of his work on his personal site:

My love of filmmaking started with a cheap video camera my mother bought for herself but never used again when I got my hands on it. My passion for games and computers started when my dad brought home a Commodore 64 from work. I owe my parents everything for providing those first tools and for what would become such a huge part of my life and a career of 15 years in the games industry (and counting), creating videos of all kinds by filming, editing, directing, and even animating, creating motion graphics, and crafting visual effects.

Straight out of high school I was a part of a small feature production in Sweden and a short time later DICE found me. My passion for games and filmmaking had somehow converged! Starting all the way back with RalliSport Challenge, I had created my first game trailer. And over the next 14 years I worked on every DICE title from Battlefield 1942 to Star Wars Battlefront. During this time the video team grew and became a powerhouse of fun, high quality gameplay trailers within EA. It was the best job in the world.

Through this though, I’ve long missed the days of the small studio, a tight knit family and a more personal approach to making games and marketing them, like when I first started out in the industry. Then I saw Raw Fury doing something differently, being a small UNpublisher run by former colleagues and fostering a culture that really resonated with me. Small creative developers now have the tools to create these fantastic experiences and this new publisher fostering these great relationships with them struck a cord. Having chatted with friends working at RF, it seemed like an awesome new adventure and a kind of reboot for me, with kindred and supportive spirits having my back. And most importantly, they would allow me to be creative on the side, letting me take on external projects that I love that will also to help me grow and explore, and by doing so, adding more value to the company. I’m truly happy to be able to join these guys and gals to help show their games to the world and learn something new in the process.

A new 15 year cycle begins.