REPORT: The Premier MosaicCorp™ Game Experience Product MOSAIC Out Now on PlayStation®4

In breaking news, MosaicCorp™ has responded to consumer demand to release Mosaic, the premier game experience product, on PlayStation®4 by today releasing Mosaic, the premier game experience product, on PlayStation®4.

A new study by MosaicCorp™ gaming researchers shows that Mosaic is a surreal game experience about corporate culture, urban isolation and our daily relationship with modern tech. While EXPERTS have stated you’ll live out a bleak, repetitive existence as a cog in the machine, others claim you may discover something strange hiding in the tedium of everyday life and in the monotony of your daily routines. These are both sides of the issue.

Conclusion of study by EXPERTS:
The premier game experience product Mosaic offers you a dark, short and slow-paced journey that hold moments of hope, if you manage to resist the drudgery of the system.

This report has been aggregated from the following sources:
Playstation Blogpost: Find the humanity amidst the horrors of the daily work grind in narrative-led tale Mosaic

MosaicCorp™ has also been released on iOS, tvOS and MacOS via Apple Arcade, as well as Windows PC, Mac and Linux from Steam and and Nintendo Switch and Xbox One.


Mosaic – Don’t stop when you’re tired, stop when you’re done