Games are about evoking emotions. That’s what all the best games do. From the first second they pull at you. Sometimes just the concept or premise of a game is powerful enough to evoke emotion. A single image can get you going.

Some games are fun, others are sad, some make you mad while others help you relax. But what all great games have in common is offering you an experience. They make you care. You care.

We believe that the best games aren’t necessarily monster-budget Triple-A games. We also don’t think something like a business model or specific platform should be the defining factor of what constitutes a game worth making. Nope. Not us. Look elsewhere for that.

We look at impact. The potential to push the envelope, to develop the medium, to get players excited. In short, we want to help make games that make us feel something. Games that deliver a punch in the gut, powerfully and forcefully.

Games that we bring up in conversation with friends again and again, because playing them meant something.