hat? What?!? Another year, another December! How can Raw Fury be on the brink of its fourth birthday already? Time – eh… 

Where does time go? No, seriously! Where does it go? Does it just dissipate into the void or does it gather somewhere in a soft fuzzy ball of all our collective moments, where the good melts with the bad into a reflection of humanity? Like a cosmic marble. I don’t know.  

But it’s sometimes easy to feel like the entropy associated with time’s arrow is tangible in what we see in the world around us. It’s also easy to feel that, perhaps, I shouldn’t be writing this while fighting off a cold… while thinking about my own time on this beautiful blue ball. 

But here we are. Another year. Another December. Or as we like to call it – Rawcember. And as Raw Fury nears its fourth birthday (whaaaaat?!?) it is a good time to check in on the past, the present, and the future.



here to begin, if not in the past. Especially when you are feeling a bit lazy and can’t be bothered to figure out a less cliché way to kick things off? I blame the cold. 

These last four years have been incredible. Personally, I’ve had the privilege to work with some of the smartest, most awesome people I’ve met during my little journey through life. I keep waiting for them to realize that I mostly just say “Aha…” then smile and nod my head when they speak to me, as I have nothing of value to add to their already incredible creativity and good work.  

And these are both the people at Raw Fury and the developers and partners that have allowed us to partake in their collective journeys. I am grateful and happy. 

Raw Fury has also blossomed. We set out to try to change how collaboration works in this industry. To show that partnerships between developers and publishers can enhance the chances of making and delivering great games, in such a way that these partnerships blossom into full blown relationships between people who consider themselves friends. To show that you can marry good business with good intentions and being nice, respectful, and trusting. Mostly, we’ve succeeded. There are always bumps in the road, but I believe that this principal of mutual trust and care has largely paid off for us and the people we work with. So, we’ll continue. And hopefully, we’ll be lucky enough to do even more when it comes to advancing further the development of what every person at Raw Fury loves – spatulas. 

No, seriously. There is so much room for innovation when it comes to spatulas. Different sizes and materials, self-heating spatulas, AI spatulas… I mean, the list is endless! 

Oh, and we also want to continue working with games, which we love. And with people, which we love. That’s important, too! 


hich leads us to the present. And our present to you. Rawcember. A month of furious announcements, discounts, reveals, and hopefully some fun and silly stuff that we get to share with you. We started this tradition (can you call it a tradition if you’ve only done something once before?) last year and it was great. The whole company came together and we bonded with both our developers and our community – which currently lives on Discord.  

So, we want to repeat this. Every year. It is our way to create a spirit of togetherness and excitement. A way to close out the year on a high note. And an excuse to maybe goof off on streams while having a couple of cold ones… amirite?! 

And this Rawcember will be a ride! With the imminent release of Kingdom Two Crowns on December 11th we’ll be closing a year of successful releases. From Dandara, which simultaneously launched in the beginning of the year on every platform under the sun (and a couple from another dimension… but we’re not allowed to talk about that), to Bad North, which became profitable on day one, to Kingdom Two Crowns, which is getting so much love from the community that it hits right in the feels. 

It’s easy to be hopeful for…


here is so much ahead. So many amazing games. Seriously – the biggest problem we have currently is when we get new builds from our developers and the whole team simply drops everything and gets sucked into some of the best experiences we’ve played. 

And in a world that sometimes seems to be undecided about where it wants to go, isn’t that just what we need?  

To play the part of the ever-hopeful ruler in Kingdom, who fights off the Greed, even against overwhelming odds? Or brave Dandara, who takes the fight to those who oppress others. Or Kathy Rain, who doesn’t give a single fuck about stereotypes. Or Ikk, who will do everything for his friend Sally the space whale – including going to hell and back. Or the people of Bad North, who stand strong in the face of annihilation. 

Because that is the power of games. They allow us to experience a different “reality” which affects us emotionally and intellectually. They engage us in a playful sense. Allow us to interact with this micro cosmos that has been created for us to explore. 

And in a world where most of the things around us are made up by us – including politics, borders, social norms, laws, and governments – who is to say that games aren’t just as real? Just as worthy of our time? Especially if they put a smile on your face, get you to wonder about the world, the future, and your place in it. 

This is why we believe games matter. This is why we continue. And we hope you’ll join us on the ride. It’ll be a fun one. We have spatulas. 

With love,

From my secret lair within a volcano somewhere