Raw Fury X PAX West = Eyes Bleeding

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Tormentor X Punisher makes its public debut and GoNNER returns to the Indie MEGABOOTH!

Last year, we came to PAX Prime as a brand new company ran by a bunch of idiots and this year we come to PAX West (never gonna get used to that) as a company with a few releases under its belt but still ran by idiots. Baby steps, friends.


GoNNER – Indie MEGABOOTH – 4th floor

Rami Ismail called it “Spelunky meets Nuclear” and we figure that’s some pretty high praise! Check out that art style, then check out as GoNNER completely destroys you over and over again. If you like a challenge then come to our booth, we might have a little competition going on…

Tormentor X Punisher – Indie MEGABOOTH – 4th floor

Ahhhhh, Tormentor X Punisher. The newest addition to the Raw Fury (dysfunctional) family is making its public debut at PAX West! Joonas Turner (Nuclear Throne, Downwell) is leading a veteran indie team to create a game that is over-the-top in every sense of the phrase. Top-down shooter meets a horde of demons plus a heroine with only one hit point makes for some ridiculous action. Bosses. Bullets. Combos. Mayhem. One HP. Death. Start over.

Kingdom: New Lands – Google Play – 6th floor – Booth #6015

The critically acclaimed Kingdom: New Lands is coming back to PAX but not in the way you might expect. Now that the game is out on PC and Xbox One, we’re looking at mobile. Get a peek at what Kingdom will look like on your phone or tablet by checking it out at the Google Play booth!

If you’re media or a content creator and want to schedule an appointment to see any of our games, give us a shout! david@rawfury.com

And, media and content creator friends, if you’re looking for something to do on Thursday night then we should talk… sharkattack@rawfury.com

Be there or be a four-sided shape whose sides are of equal length.