Raw Fury at GDC – Our Best Lineup Yet!

New games and new platforms ayyyyyyy


Game Developers Conference (GDC) 2017 is happening NEXT WEEK in San Francisco and we’re vibrating out of our skins with how much we got going on for the show.

We have a fancy schmancy loft near the convention center where we’re going to be revealing our next game to the public for the very first time. It’s called  [REDACTED] and it’s a game where you [SECRETS BUT YOU’LL FIND OUT SOON ENOUGH]. The loft isn’t just ours though, we’ve tagged teamed with Coffee Stain to show off the might of the Nordics and they’ll have a couple of games to show that will also be debuting at GDC.

GDC will be your chance to check out the near-final version of Tormentor X Punisher! It’s the next game coming out of our arsenal and it is batshit crazy in that 80’s arcade attitude in-your-face sorta way. Joonas Turner is a mad man. MAD! Let’s see if you can even make it past the first boss, chumps.

A ton is going on with GoNNER next week as well. Folks that come to our loft will be able to play GoNNER on the Nintendo Switch! Yup, hands on with a brand new console that’s a perfect fit for the vibrant style of Art in Heart’s debut commercial game.

GoNNER is also up for an Independent Games Festival award for Best Audio. The awards show will be taking place on Wednesday night starting at 6:30PM, plus GoNNER will be playable at the IGF Pavilion on the GDC show floor all week long.

And because we can’t help ourselves, here’s a snippet from that new project we’ll announce at GDC…

If you’re a member of the media or a content creator drop us a line and we’ll send you the location of our secret loft so you can play all our games plus see even more secrets we didn’t mention here at all.

Seriously, we have several more announcements for next week including sharing some news on major updates to a certain game of ours and new platforms we’ll be debuting on.

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