Per Aspera Takes City-Building Planet-Wide in a New Trailer!

If you’ve been keeping an eye on the amazing announcements coming out of this weekend’s Guerrilla Collective, you’ll have seen the brand-new trailer drop for Per Aspera from Tlön Industries! City-building gets a planet-sized upgrade as you take control of the fully-voiced, Artificial Consciousness, AMI, whose prime directive is anything but simple: terraform Mars into a lush, verdant paradise and prepare it for human colonization.

Per Aspera sees players attempt to eke out a new life on Mars, but today’s trailer hints to a larger mystery — you aren’t the first to attempt this mission and you –



-may just find the truth of their fate. It’s up to-


-you to decide what to do with what you uncover.


Er, sorry about that, had some unexpected communication errors. Per Aspera is coming to Steam later this year – add it to your wishlist today!