We have now launched Patch 1.0.7!

  • Fix climax music control.
  • Playing click sound in room when switching board <> desk.
  • Added click sfx on options sub menus.
  • Intro sounds / ambiant now plays after Night Count in game flow day intro.
  • Credit update.
  • Dialog update.
  • Fix climax music.
  • Intro cutscenes update.
  • Prevents player from clicking on non available path during roaming.
  • Avoid random position to fail path finding.
  • Car sound now plays only once during shift intro.
  • All killer achievement can’t be unlocked
  • Soft lock after dialog
  • Soft lock after passenger selection
  • Single choice with arrows in options
  • Duplicated resolutions has been removed
  • Radio crash

Rest assured that we are still actively working on larger issues that have been reported. Some of those include:

  • The algorithm for diversifying the passengers you run into.
  • General stability issues on certain computer builds.

As always, if you encounter a bug we encourage you to report them directly to us here.

Thank you for your continued support as we listen to the community feedback and work towards bringing you a polished and beautifully unique experience.