So… uh… how do we put this.

Well, okay – two days ago we released our first game as an (Un)Publisher. It went well. In fact it went so well that Kingdom paid for itself on day 1.

That’s right – In the first 24 hours after being released, Kingdom became profitable.

This is important to us.

Because it means the amazing and talented developers (Noio and Licorice) behind Kingdom will be able to see and enjoy the financial fruits of their labor. They’ll be able to stay independent and keep developing magical things. They get what they deserve!

It means we will be able to further support and develop Kingdom, collectively with the developers and pay back the awesome community that has now grown around Kingdom (yes – we are doing that – as in patches, tweaks, new content, updates and new platforms).

It means we will be able to invest in and help more developers that are making magical stuff.

And finally it means that this publishing thing can indeed be done a bit differently – just like we imagined, when we took our first steps on this crazy journey.

This makes us happy.

And for all of you who have supported Kingdom so far – thank you. We promise to do our best in making the game even more awesome over the coming weeks and months!

We also promise that if you already own the game, every update – no matter how big or small – will be free for those that have already paid.

This means no paid DLCs for the PC version here. We would rather see major expansions reflected in the base price of the game–i.e. we release some “gold” edition of the game with a price increase– but those that have been with us here in the early days before such an edition exists are rewarded as they should be by getting that content free.

So, thank you everyone for supporting us! We’re glad you’re a part of our adventure here and we can’t wait to work together with you.

Until Kingdom Come,