Narrative Thriller Night Call Arrives on Nintendo Switch & Xbox One Today

Therapist. Voyeur. Friend. All of the above? We’ve got 90 potential characters to interact with in the console version of Night Call, which launched today!

While hunting down a serial killer through the streets of Paris, you’ll encounter political figures, spiritualists, those down on their luck, a cat looking to escape their routine, and….. Santa Clause? Wow, that took a turn. No matter who you encounter in Night Call it’s always one heck of a ride. You can share your Night Call stories by tweeting at us @rawfury  and let us know who you encounter!

This narrative-driven, neo-noir investigation game is available on the Nintendo eShop and Microsoft Store for 19,99 €.

Night Call arrives on consoles for the first time featuring all content added to the game since its release on PC via Steam, and Xbox Game Pass for PC, including:

  • Free Roaming Mode: Cruise the streets and enjoy the conversation. This highly requested fan feature is perfect for drivers looking to relax and fill up their Passidex!

  • New Passengers: Discover over a dozen new riders, including a disgraced esports champ, a ghost hunter, and a robot trying to escape from its lab.

Night Call puts you behind the wheel of a Paris taxi cab on the late shift, where a mysterious serial killer is stalking the streets. As a survivor of the killer’s most recent attack, you have seven nights to unravel the mystery of your experience by interacting with over 90 potential, story-driven characters. Use your limited time each day to interact with dozens of passengers, learn about their lives, and gather clues. Can you identify the culprit and solve the case before the meter runs out?