My Kingdom for a Trailer

Today is a pretty special day for us! Not only have we evaded assisting elderly people cross the street—take that, grandma—we have also released our first trailer EVER. Feel free to pop open a beer with us in celebration and never mind what time it is where you are; it’s always happy hour somewhere in the world.

Without further ado, feast your eyes on the very first gameplay trailer for Kingdom:

^ Available in 4K because even pixelated graphics deserve to be rendered at the highest resolutions.

Kingdom is an original and unique pixel art game designed by Thomas van den Berg, a Dutch game developer who created the original concept in flash. In Kingdom, each coin spent can tip the balance between prosperity and decay. Attend to your domain, border to border, or venture into the wild to discover its wonders and its threats. Master the land, build your defenses and, when the darkness comes, stand with your people to protect them from the trolls who come out at night, crown on your head, until the very end.

PC, Mac, Linux

We’ll be showing Kingdom at Gamescom at both the Nordic Pavilion (Hall 3.2, Booth A015) and at the Indie Arena booth (Hall 10.1, Booth A050) so come by and see us!