Mosaic – A Surreal and Dark Experience About Modern Life – Now Out on PC

Krillbite Studio’s dystopian journey coming to consoles in Q1 2020

You live a monotonous, repetitive life in an overpopulated city.
The phone offers you distraction on your way to work.
Some days, you have no sense of meaning.
You wake up, work, and go to sleep.
But today, something is different.
Mosaic has released.

Enter a world that is both utterly surreal and eerily familiar. Mosaic offers a strange experience about urban isolation, delves into our relationship with modern tech, explores the feeling of being a tiny piece in a massive incomprehensible machine, and the longing for something more in your life.

With a repetitive existence in a overcrowded city, you’ll live out the tedium of everyday life—until strange events start to occur. Inspired by the monotony of daily distractions and routines, Mosaic weaves a dark, slow-paced, and evocative journey through moments of hope that are waiting to be discovered if you can resist the drudgery of the system.

The time has come to ask yourself,
are you ready to lift your gaze and subvert your complacency?




“Mosaic is a cold game in which you strive to find even a shred of warmth. It fills you with a desire to be better, to talk deeply to yourself and reassess your values. It doesn’t feel like a game, exactly, but more of an experience in empathy. Full of quirky dark humour that for once doesn’t come in the form of cringy dialogue, and enriched with concepts that could make even the most steeled among us weep, Mosaic does the heart some good.”
~ The Indie Game Website, Score: 9/10  – Link:

Mosaic Launch Trailer

Mosaic is also available on iOS, tvOS and MacOS via Apple Arcade. The game is set for launch on PlayStation®4, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One in Q1 2020. Read more at:, and join the community at

Mosaic Livestream tonight at 7 pm CET!

Take a glimpse at the journey of everyday monotony in a special launch day live stream today hosted by Adrian Tingstad Husby & Jon Cato Lorentzen from Krillbite Studio. Head over to the Raw Fury channel on Twitch at 19:00 CET today at

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