Meet us in Seattle

pax1280jpg-e32a5f_1280wHere we go again! On Wednesday we fly – and this time the destination is PAX Prime in Seattle. Arrangements have been made, shenanigans planned, bags packed, swag bought, cake had and eaten, gods appeased (i.e. our families), plans hatched, and passports checked. All that’s left is to see if they’ll actually allow us to enter Washington state.

If you’re heading to PAX, come check out Kathy Rain at the Indie Megabooth. Or Kingdom… or both! We’re located right here in the middle of all that sweet indie goodness. Hey – just come and hang with us. We like high fives, hugs, smuggled contraband, and pretty much anything else so long as the companionship is good. We can talk about games or the average speed of a swallow carrying a coconut… eh, maybe just games. No offense to bird and math lovers, but we all already know which types of swallows can and can’t carry a coconut. (h/t Monty Python)

If you are a developer that is working on something you think we could help with, reach out to us at and we’ll find a place and time to chat. Preferably, a place with beer but we can also meet in a cafe, the vacuum of outer space, questionable back alleys, or on the show floor amongst 70,000 of the coolest people we know. We want to see your projects and your passion so please give us a shout!