Out of the blüe, we’ve updated our first IGF award-winning game! The BlüeBERRY EdiTION previously available on the Xbox One version of GoNNER, now comes in a free update to GoNNER on Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4, and as a free DLC for PC. Besides plenty of blüeberries, it adds:

  • New head! Attack enemies from below!
  • New weapon! Spikes and skull explosions. awe yeah!
  • New world! Fishes and blueberries!
  • And a bunch of fine-tunings and stuff!
  • Some neat new visuals! aw yiss!

And to top it off, a message from the creators of GoNNER:

Hi Friends!

Many many years ago, we started on working GoNNER, and today we have released a little GoNNER-love letter. It’s filled with blueberries and fish, in the form of a final content patch for you all.

It’s been a lovely and long and exhausting and interesting game to work on for us, and frankly we are amazed that every day there are people playing and getting amazing scores on the leaderboards. It fills us with humbleness, and also a bit of jealousy that a lot of the people playing the game right now are way better than we ever were or will be.

Seasons change and as Autumn turns to Spring, we will be looking towards a few new interesting games we have been tinkering with, and with that we will not be updating anything on GoNNER from here on. Main reason is that after years of adding content and porting and showing the game at events etc, we need to explore something new. Learn something new. Try something new. Apply what we learnt while making GoNNER to something new. We are stupidly proud that GoNNER found its home on so many amazing consoles and platforms, with a bunch of people who seem to love Sally (almost) as much as we do.

We love you all, and hope to see you again with the next thing 🙂

Joar, Martin,

and of course Ditto, Ikk and Sally! <3


Don’t got GoNNER and want to enjoy the sweet action?

Head over to GoNNERgame.com for links to all platforms and stores.