Kingdom! Steam Page! Wishlist! Yay!


We are one step closer to launch in October!

We did it. We pressed buttons, and the culmination of all that button pressing has resulted in a Steam page magically appearing for Kingdom. We are impressed with ourselves, so much that we are using the royal “we” whenever we talk about ourselves. We are big nerds.

But hey, we should stop talking and actually show you the damn thing already! BEHOLD:

Steam store page Kingdom

Feel free to wishlist the hell out of it! We would also be forever in your debt if you shared this with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, local dive bar, book club, neighborhood watch, or with anyone else you think might enjoy a mysterious and hypnotizing game like Kingdom.

With conventions out the way, Noio & Licorice are solely focused on putting the finishing touches on Kingdom—we’ll announce the release date soon.

Until then, stay rebellious!