Kingdom: New Lands Raises Banner on iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, and Apple TV Today!!

IGF-nominated and Award-winning Simulator Available on the App Store

Kingdom: New Lands is available on iOS for $9.99 USD (and regional equivalent pricing) and is a universal app for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Apple TV, so you can just purchase it once and build your Kingdom across all iOS devices via iCloud.

Download on the App Store!
Kingdom: New Lands on iOS is the exact same experience you’d have on PC and Xbox One right up to the latest update on those platforms. Whether you’ve enjoyed Kingdom since it first came out in 2015 or you’re entering its mysterious realm for the first time, you can enjoy it the same way hundreds of thousands of monarchs have.

One horse. One monarch. One bag of coins. That’s all a burgeoning ruler needs to start a Kingdom. Good luck!


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