Kingdom: New Lands Now Available on PlayStation 4!


You’re a monarch sailing on a ship with your most loyal citizens when all of a sudden the ship crashes onto a strange and uncharted land. This is like the fifth time you’ve crashed on your journey to, well, you’ve forgotten, and you wonder why you didn’t fire the ship’s captain three islands ago. On the mountain top in the distance, you see the characters S O N Y P S and 4 etched into the cliff side. Hmmmm, must be some sort of local god. With a bag of gold coins on your person and your trusty steed at the ready, you set forth to uncover the mystery of this new place and prepare to create a flourishing Kingdom. Hey, why is the moon all red?

The critically acclaimed and award-winning Kingdom: New Lands is now available on PlayStation 4 for the first time ever! Every update that has come to the game over the last couple years, including the latest Skull Island content, is jam packed into this version of Kingdom: New Lands. All of the mysterious statues, faithful mounts, peculiar hermits, and the greedy creatures trying to make your Kingdom fall are all here and waiting for you to stake a claim in this new land.

Kingdom: New Lands is now available worldwide on PSN for $14.99 / €14.99 / £11.39.