Kingdom: New Lands launches on Xbox One and PC August 9th!


We’ve got a new trailer and it shows a crap ton of cool stuff from New Lands

We did it, we have a game coming to console for the first time ever! Chest bumps all around.

Kingdom: New Lands is coming to Xbox One and PC in less than a week! We can hardly believe it ourselves. We’ve had some fun getting the game prepped for release (Hamza accurately described the process in one tweet) and now the release of Kingdom: New Lands is fast approaching like a monarch on a speeding horse galloping away from a dozen greedy creatures intent on taking their crown (a.k.a. just another day at the office).

WE HAVE A NEW TRAILER FOR NEW LANDS. It’s the first trailer and the last trailer. The alpha and omega. The one trailer to rule them all.

Did you see all those new mounts? And new characters? And new statues? It ain’t called New Lands for nothin’!

Kingdom: New Lands is an expansion for Kingdom, but it’s also like a sort of gold edition of the game. It will be the definitive version going forward and it will be the only version we sell from here on out. On PC, though, we’ll have it set up so that you can play the original Kingdom game when purchasing New Lands if you wish. When Kingdom: New Lands launches on PC and Xbox One, it’ll be priced at $14.99 / €14.99 / £11.99.

If you already own Kingdom (Windows/Mac/Linux only) through Steam, GOG, and other official partner sites, then you can sail away to the New Lands for zero money when it launches August 9th whether you’re using the Steam version or a DRM-free version. Ca-ching. Check your library at launch! 

If you can’t get enough of Kingdom: New Lands, check out the new site!

We’re getting our castle walls fortified and our knights trained for next week’s launch! Until then…

Stay rebellious!