Kingdom: New Lands is a part of IndieCade @ E3!

Be the first to get a look at the new expansion coming this summer

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We haven’t talked about New Lands too much yet, but we’ll be starting that conversation as a part of IndieCade @ E3! Here’s what you need to know about New Lands so far:

– It’s an expansion, and it adds a bunch of content and a new win condition while keeping the same core gameplay and simplicity.

– If you own Kingdom before New Lands launches this summer, you’ll get New Lands at no charge.

– If secret beta testing has told us anything, it’s that even if you’re a Kingdom vet you’ll still have a lot of things to puzzle out.

– We don’t intend on spoiling a lot, just like we didn’t spoil things the first time around, because we want players to be able to discover things on their own.

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If you’re at E3, come visit us at IndieCade @ E3! We’ll be in the South Hall at booth #623. Don’t worry if you’re not attending E3, we’ll be talking about New Lands a lot more come July.

Until then, stay rebellious.