Kingdom: New Lands Gallops Onto iOS and Android on January 31st!

Mobile version features the same award winning experience as PC and Xbox One

When Thomas van den Berg (noio) had the idea of Kingdom in his head back in 2013, he made a little flash prototype of the game and when people discovered it they couldn’t stop playing. That flash version still exists, it’s the foundation on which his Kingdom was built on, and after seeing the success of it as a little free game for people to tinker with Thomas thought about bringing it to mobile.

History shows us though that the full version of Kingdom came to PC first in 2015, won a couple of awards, and was nominated for the Excellence in Design award by IGF with an honorable mention for Excellence in Audio. Then in 2016, Kingdom went to Xbox One under the guise of Kingdom: New Lands (which was given to PC owners free) and again received an honorable mention from IGF for Excellence in Audio.

Now, after all its success on PC and Xbox One, Kingdom: New Lands will be headed to mobile for the very first time as the best version of the game to-date. On January 31st, Kingdom: New Lands will be available for both iOS and Android for $9.99 USD (and regional equivalent pricing).  For iOS specifically, KNL is a universal app for iPhone/iPad AND THIS INCLUDES Apple TV.

This isn’t a watered down version of Kingdom: New Lands, it is exactly the same as the versions you’d play on PC or Xbox One but optimized for touch screen with some mobile specific UI to help veteran rulers and newly coronated monarchs alike.

Prepare to enter Kingdom: New Lands again in less than two weeks, your loyal subjects need you!