Kingdom: New Lands Coming to PlayStation 4 on January 16th!

Kingdom, the game that started it all for us and Noio, is coming to PlayStation 4 on January 16th! Ever since its debut on PC, we’ve been asked about a zillion times if Kingdom would ever come to PS4, and after a dozen red moons we can finally answer that question with a solid release date. The feels!

Every update that Kingdom: New Lands has received on other platforms will be baked into the PS4 version. All the treasure chests, all the bunnies, all the ragequits when your kingdom crumbles the day before you were going to set sail for the next island.

New and Insanely Difficult Island Added for Free Today!

We’ve been working on something special for everyone who already owns Kingdom: New Lands, too! Today we’re revealing Skull Island, and it is challenging AF. Yeah, that’s right, capital A F. Fuuuuuuuuuuuu. What is Skull Island? HAHAHAHA, like we’d ever say. When have we ever given away Kingdom secrets? Here’s a hint – There is a new win condition. Bye bye boat, hello… ???

The Skull Island content update is FREE on every platform Kingdom: New Lands is available on. Own it on Steam or Switch? It’s available right now! Playing Kingdom: New Lands on mobile or Xbox One? The update will be there by the end of the week (and possibly sooner)!

We want to see your attempts at beating Skull Island, so if you’re streaming the game or you have a screenshot to share then HIT US UP on Twitter and Discord!

Kingdom: Classic Giveaway on Steam Today Only!

BUT WAIT, we have one more announcement! Do you have a friend who hasn’t jumped on the Kingdom bandwagon? For the next 24 hours only, we’re handing out Kingdom: Classic for free on Steam! The original Kingdom that started it all is our holiday gift to everyone who hasn’t entered our mysterious world filled with cryptic statues, little creatures who want your crown, and a moon that just won’t stop messing with you.

After the giveaway ends, we’ll be selling Kingdom: Classic on its own! That way, folks can experience Kingdom but not spend as much as they would picking up Kingdom: New Lands. If someone who owns Classic on Steam wants to upgrade to New Lands though, we have 25% discount set up so they can save a few gold coins in the process. A gold coin saved is a gold coin spent at an archer statue to defend yourself from hordes of greedy creatures. This discount applies to anyone who received Kingdom: Classic during the giveaway. And if you buy both New Lands and Classic together at the same time then it comes out to $14.99, same as what we have it bundled for now. Huzzah!

That’s it! Now go check out Skull Island and tell your friends to swoop up Kingdom: Classic for free today! But more importantly, just enjoy yourself. Because video games.


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