Kingdom: New Lands Comes to Nintendo Switch on September 14th!

We have an update about Kingdom: Two Crowns, too!

Kingdom: New Lands is coming to Switch! And it’s arriving in two weeks! The bestselling, award-winning title created by Noio is making its way to a Nintendo platform for the first time and we’re over the blood moon about introducing a new audience to a world filled with gold coins, a horse that needs more exercise, and a bunch of greedy little creatures who want your crown. For more info, take a look at the eShop on Switch today!

Back at GDC, we announced Kingdom: Two Crowns for the Switch, and that standalone game is still in the works. Just so there’s no confusion—Kingdom: New Lands on Switch is not the same as Kingdom: Two Crowns.

We wanted to give a proper update on Kingdom: Two Crowns though since it’s been a while! First off, it won’t be coming out this year like we had originally intended. WE’RE SORRY! It’s still a small team working on Kingdom: Two Crowns, and these things take some time! The vision grew larger than our original scope, to the point that this isno longer just an expansion that adds new content but rather a full-fledged new title​​​.

Speaking of new things, when we unveiled Two Crowns we didn’t give a ton of info about the game itself, but now we’re ready so here we go!

  • New features! Well, this was a given but just to elaborate a bit we’re talking about a new win scenario, additional tech level, new citizen role, and more stuff we don’t want to spoil! And of course…
  • Co-op! That is the biggest draw for Two Crowns for sure! Co-op will be local split screen, but it’s also hot join so a friend can jump in and out of your game at any point during the campaign.
  • Brand new soundtrack! There will be zero tracks from any previous Kingdom game!
  • Overhaul of visuals! The pixel art in the Kingdom series is already top notch, but we’re taking it another step up and adding new skins for the rulers.
  • Available on lots of platforms! We announced PC and Switch, but alongside that we’ll also bring Two Crowns to Xbox One, PS4, and mobile!

Early into the development of Two Crowns, we saw pretty quickly that it was a great fit for Switch and felt that New Lands should also be on the console. Having played New Lands on Switch over the last couple months now, we can definitely say it’s a wonderful experience. Hope to see you on island 1 in two weeks!


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