Kingdom is Getting Majestic!

Kingdom (you know, that classic game of gettin’ paid and fightin’ Greed) is releasing a new, physical version today to brighten up your game shelf! This bundle is available in two editions: Standard and Limited with the Limited version only available in Europe and the Standard version releasing in North America on the 14th. Kingdom Majestic is available in three flavors so you can take your pick — PlayStation®4, Xbox One, or Nintendo Switch.

For all purchase options, here over to this site for more info! If you want to know more about the folks we partnered with for the physical edition, feel free to check out Microids.

What do you get by grabbing the Kingdom Majestic Limited Edition? We’re glad you asked. It’d be weird if you didn’t. Anyway here’s what you get:

  • ?️ Kingdom New Lands 
  • Kingdom Two Crowns
  • ? The newest update, Dead Lands – the sweet crossover event with Bloodstained
  • ⏬ All released DLC
  • ?️ A 3D, lenticular print (You know, one of those print-things that move when you tilt it around?)
  • ?️ 4 stunning art prints that combine into a map (It’s like… a really easy puzzle)
  • ? The games’ original soundtracks
  • ? A double-sided cover (Pfft, good luck choosing a side)

The Standard edition will include the two full games and a double-sided cover.