Kingdom Celebrates its Second Birthday!

Wow, it’s been two years since Kingdom released. Two. Whole. YEARS. Back when we first partnered with the talented Thomas van den Berg (AKA noio) to publish a small game about royalty stuck to horses and throwing coins at people, we knew we had found something special. A game that played just as beautifully as it looked, and we couldn’t wait to show the world.

Fast forward two years, and it looks like a lot of you agree. Over 600,000 monarchs have ventured into the realms of Kingdom and Kingdom: New Lands, recruiting loyal subjects and discovering helpful hermits across the globe. We collectively make and publish games that we love, but the immense wave of love coming from you, our biggest fans, is surreal. To show our gratitude, we’ve got some special announcements to make.


We’re Adding a Sixth Island

Damn straight we are! For those of you who have been aching for more after completing island #5, your calls have been answered. But be warned: this will not be easy. Quite the opposite, really. This island is designed to test your mettle, to separate the true monarchs from the weak of spirit. If you want to win here, you’ll have to earn it.


We’re Bringing Back the Halloween Event

Back by popular demand for our PC and mobile players, we’ll be having an in-game event to celebrate everybody’s favorite candy-and-costumes holiday! Jack-o-lanterns, a haunted moon, and a special new mount will be patched in for a limited time only. No tricks, only treats up in here. Well, maybe one trick…


Balance Updates and Performance Fixes Incoming

We’re continuing to tinker behind the scenes to improve the difficulty flow and performance on the Switch & Android versions, and will be testing these in Beta on Steam very soon. Stay tuned for more info!

Seriously though, we can’t thank all of you enough for the love and support for Kingdom over the years. As we diligently work on the next full adventure in Kingdom: Two Crowns, we can’t wait to be sharing more information about that with you soon enough.

Happy birthday, Kingdom!