Wadjet Eye Games’ very own Dave Gilbert lends a hand to our 90’s detective adventureKR_Logo_whtWhen Clifftop Games founder Joel Staaf Hästö walked into our proverbial office with the idea of Kathy Rain in his head, we were enamored from the beginning. Adventure games are possibly the best vehicle for storytelling in video games, they tickle your sense of discovery and are immersive in ways no other genre can mimic, so when approached with the chance to help bring one to life we jumped at the opportunity. Doesn’t hurt that Kathy herself is just cool as hell. We’ve got the Steam page up now so you can check out Kathy Rain for yourself, and wishlisting is enabled so have at it!


Kathy Rain has grown leaps and bounds since we showed it at Gamescom and PAX Prime last fall, and today it’s taking a big step forward—voiceover auditions have officially begun! But that’s not even the biggest news, we are falling over each other coming to terms with the fact that legendary adventure game designer Dave Gilbert, founder of Wadjet Eye Games, is helping us out as our VO Director for Kathy Rain! Dave mother effin’ Gilbert, creator of the magnificent Blackwell series and producer for upcoming post-apocalyptic adventure Shardlight. It’s fair to say Dave knows a thing or two about detective adventures and we’re pretty damn stoked about having him in our corner offering sagely advice and overseeing the recording sessions when the cast is ready to lend their voices to Kathy Rain.


We’ve got more Kathy Rain news to share in the coming months but this particular set of news was so good we just couldn’t possibly keep it to ourselves. Until then, enjoy the new screenshots littered throughout this post.


Stay rebellious—it’s what Kathy would want.