Kathy Rain rides into Android and iOS on November 23rd

kathy rain logo2

Motorcycle? Check.
Pack of smokes? Check.
Critically acclaimed story about dysfunctional families and religion? Check. 

Kathy Rain delves into topics seldom touched by video games, taboo subjects like religion, dysfunctional families, and other hardships endured by many in real life. The game (and Kathy) handles these issues in a responsible way and, since its launch, people have written us to share how the story related to them personally. Given Kathy Rain’s 92% positive rating on Steam, we’re inclined to think that her story resonated pretty deeply with the people who spent time with her. So with that in mind, we decided to give Kathy the chance to be experienced by a wider audience despite its initial hardships when it released in May.

Kathy heads to both Android and iOS for $4.99 USD next week and we’re eager to share her raw and personal journey with the masses. It’s the same mysterious, supernatural experience adapted for mobile screens, complete with full voice acting (English) and localized text for German and French players, all wrapped up in a well written thriller that is teeming with light and sarcastic humor, dark undertones, and an unpredictable story.

Whether it’s your first ride on the Katmobile or you’ve let down Lenny one too many times, make sure to give Kathy a visit next week.

kathy bike ride