Kathy Rain joins the Dark Dames in Adventure Games bundle on Steam!

Kathy Rain currently 50% off and joins a new adventure bundle with Shardlight, Fran Bow, and more!

Kathy Rain has never been one to make friends easily (sorry Eileen), but today she joins a cast of strong female characters in the Dark Dames in Adventure Games bundle. This new offering is a collaborative effort between adventure game studios around the globe featuring titles that shine a light on these mysterious gals who have some interesting stories for you to experience.

The Dark Dames in Adventure Games bundle includes:

Kathy Rain
Fran Bow
Bear With Me
The Cat Lady

Picking up every game in the bundle gets you 20% off the entire purchase, and starting today through next week we’re offering Kathy Rain for 50% off, meaning you can hop on the Katmobile (sike—Kathy would never let you get on that beast) for a huge discount.

Check out the entire bundle here and prepare to be engrossed in new generation of adventure classics.



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