awcember is that hallowed and most sacred time of year where we conjure up beautiful visions (aka GIFs) of unannounced projects that we’re working with, that sharing of our most secret stuff is our greatest gift to you. Though, to be honest, it’s really more of a gift to us because it’s tough keeping this stuff in and, also, teasing people is incredibly entertaining. Anyway, sometimes these unannounced projects are so brand spanking new that we don’t have a lot to share but we’re so damn elated by this particular project that we’re sharing it well ahead of schedule. And also, the teasing thing. So, here we go!

 e’ve partnered up with Upstream Arcade, a stellar two person studio out of the UK founded by ex-Lionhead developers Adam Langridge and Imkan Hayati, to help out with their next project and one look at these illustrious, provoking images will show you why we clamored to work with them.



his project’s imagery and concept grabbed us so quickly that, for now, we can only show these couple of GIFs—we haven’t even decided on a name for the game yet! If you want to see more though, you should DEFINITELY follow Adam, Imkan, and the Upstream Arcade Twitter accounts because they’ve been putting out tidbits from this project for a few months now and it’s something else.


eep those pistols at the ready, more info coming in 2019.



[REDACTED] is developed by

Upstream Arcade

Adam Langridge

Imkan Hayati