IGF-nominated GoNNER Coming to Nintendo Switch

We love GoNNER.

We love its creator, Ditto, who is the most lovable guy we know.

Fans love GoNNER to the tune of a 93% positive rating on Steam.

The Independent Games Festival 2017 committee of judges loves GoNNER so they nominated it for the Best Audio award (and maybe it’ll win on Wednesday).

And now, GoNNER will have the chance to be loved by all Nintendo Switch owners when it launches on the platform later this summer.

New content for GoNNER will appear exclusively on Switch, with that same content rolling out to the PC version afterward. We’ll have more info on GoNNER for Switch later this year, so don’t lose your head just yet!

Official site: gonnergame.com
Twitter: twitter.com/rawfurygames
Discord: discord.gg/rawfury