Happy Birthday to Us

*Tap tap tap* – Hello? Is this thing on? Yes? Okay.

So, here we are. One year after having begun this semi-sane ride of (un)publishing shenanigans, swashbuckling, and using big words we normally wouldn’t utter to describe even the most trivial phenomenon (see!).

What a year it has been. Here’s our non-nefarious list of applicable achievements:

    • Published Kingdom in October 2015. It turned a profit within 24 hours (which the developers loved) and has continued doing well ever since. A lot of people love the game, as evidenced by its reception plus the endless Twitch streams and videos created on YouTube, and the monumental pile of feedback we’ve received through various channels. And in celebration of our birthday, we just found out it is nominated for an IGF award in the Excellence in Design category. Yes!

kingdom top 10 Steam omg

Kingdom hit Steam’s top 10 list

    • Introduced Kathy Rain to the world at Gamescom and then PAX Prime. She’s the super cool gal at college that nobody at Raw Fury could have ever hung out with because while she was riding her Harley, smoking cigs, and investigating mysterious plots we were in the library stalking her on dial-up internet (it was the 90’s). Yeah, we were sorta creepy. That game is going to take you all on one glorious ride! Stay tuned, we’ll be releasing more information on it soon.

tim schafer kathy rain

Legendary adventure game designer Tim Schafer playing Kathy Rain at PAX Prime

    • Signed our 3rd game (two days ago) – which we won’t mention here. Nope. Not yet. Our lips are sealed but damn we’re so so so excited. We just look forward to helping another amazing developer make his magic. More later – we promise.

At the end of this first year of Raw and unbridled Fury, we hit the ground running, happy, independent, and incredibly excited for the future.

2016 – we’re coming for you. Stay rebellious.