Happy Birthday, Kingdom! | GoNNER Daily Challenges Released!

GoNNER also receiving massive content update today – daily challenges!


One year ago to the date and time, we launched this little game called Kingdom and we were blown away by the reception. People loved it (and still love it!), and the start of an amazing and enthusiastic community was born. We can’t thank all of you enough for your support!

Since that time, Kingdom has been updated with a lot of new content, so much in fact that we had to rename the game to Kingdom: New Lands. Kingdom: New Lands brought the world of Kingdom to console for very first time, and we kept our promise by giving out the New Lands content for free to all existing owners on Windows/Mac/Linux. But through all of this the most important thing Kingdom did was introduce the extremely talented Thomas van den Berg to the video game world, and it helped us here at Raw Fury make our mark as this quirky publisher of indie games.

We’re going to celebrate Kingdom’s birthday by giving away copies of the game for PC, Xbox One, and Nvidia SHIELD! Keep an eye on Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, and various forums today!

Here’s to many more years of Kingdom!


Daily challenges are here!

Oh hell yes, roguelike lovers, this is something you will definitely appreciate. Daily challenges will start off as a beta version first and soon after will be official. Everyone will have access to dailies starting today! It’s a nice addition on top of all the praise GoNNER has been getting:

Kotaku called it “hard to put down.”
Rock, Paper, Shotgun said it’s “this year’s Downwell.”
Destructoid gave it a 9.5/10 and proclaimed it as “one of my favorite games of the year.”

Every day at midnight PT / 9:00 CET there will be a new challenge in a special level of the game that is not a part of the main game. Because this level doesn’t exist in the main game, there are a lot of rules that can be bent in terms of level generation, enemy spawns, and item placement. Leaderboards will be implemented today but you’ll see improvements when the beta finishes.

GoNNER features:

– A challenge tougher than Hell in the summer after the sun turns into a red giant star 5 billion years from now
– Loveable space whale named Sally
– Main protagonist who actually never says anything
– Multitude of heads (passive abilities), backpacks (active abilities), and weapons (make things deader abilities)
– Some of the most brilliant art you’ll see in a game this year

GoNNER is $9.99 / €9.99 / £6.99 and is available on Steam, GOG, Humble, and more! To see a full list of stores, visit gonnergame.com.

Now go get on those leaderboards already! Just don’t, you know, lose your head.