The award-winning platformer is getting a sequel

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Game publisher Raw Fury and game developer Ditto of Art in Heart are thrilled to reveal that the IGF-winning game GoNNER is getting a sequel that will hop into action in 2020. If you lose your head over this news, don´t worry – GONNER2 will have plenty of replacement heads ready for you.

GONNER2 promises a messy and cute procedurally generated, action-platformer with roguelike elements that will keep you on your toes – now with more of everything, including colour and chaos!

Altruistic and unexpected hero Ikk is finally back in GONNER2, a story about the strange friendship between Ikk and Death — but this time Death needs Ikk’s help. Her lair has been taken over by a mysterious presence and she needs Ikk to take it down.

This is a game for the curious, the brave and the tad bit whimsical. Awaken your inner kid as you get into a sweet flow, flying through levels, shooting everything that moves and pulling off ludicrous, acrobatic destruction. All this while you discover the spooky and chaotic world that surrounds you with bursting colors.

Game Features:

  • Intense platformer shooter action
  • Procedurally generated levels in a strange and surreal world
  • Nonlinear level structure
  • A bunch of heads, guns and upgrades that you can combine
  • Grand Boss fights
  • Secrets & mysteries! Oh yes, plenty of secrets…
About Art in Heart

Art in Heart is the independent game development studio based in the northest north of Sweden founded by programmer, game designer, and artist DittoGoNNER was Ditto‘s first commercial release with Art in Heart after having released several smaller well-regarded games on his personal itch.io. Ditto may be the one-man game studio Art in Heart, but making a game takes a team. The team working on GONNER2 are: Ditto (code, art and design), Martin Kvale (sound design), Joar Renolen (music), Inna Hansen (art, character design), Daniel Linssen (game design). Art in Heart makes games filled with twists and turns, secrets and surprises. Don’t believe you think what’s coming, because you really don’t.

itch.io: https://ditto.itch.io/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/dittomat