Germany, evil AI, and three men that refuse to grow up. What could go wrong?


Okay, it’s actually a beach ball that looks like a planet. Baby steps. When we’re not puncturing beach balls or trying to combat the sentient, evil AI that has taken over our brains (it is also ridiculously good at Pac-Man), Gamescom is the focus of most of our time and we cannot wait for the convention to begin. It’s not just because of the Kölsch beer flowing from taps at every restaurant or the abundance of currywurst either– hell if those aren’t good enough reasons to visit Cologne already though–but it’s because we’ll FINALLY be able to show everyone what we’ve been working on and who we’ve partnered with.

Kingdom and Kathy Rain are two games that are very dear to us and they represent historic firsts for all involved:

– This is each developer’s first full-fledged game that they created on their own

– This is our first time as a publisher being able to share games we signed with both consumers and media

We are beyond eager to get this show on the road and we’re not just saying that as some clever ploy to lull you into a false sense of security by the evil AI that can make it to Act II of Ms. Pac-Man on one life. Pretty sure it cheats. Don’t ask us how, we’re not the evil AI.

Anyway, marketing a game isn’t a new song and dance for us here at Raw Fury as we have decades of combined experience under our belts working at different game companies, but we haven’t done it with just the three of us and in this capacity where we can decide our own fate. Wait, you can’t decide fate because fate just happens, right? Eh, you know what we mean. We are in the driver’s seat, the ball is in our court, and we’re going to blow up the planet (beachball).

Working closely with each development team gives you a whole new appreciation for the process of creating games.The passion and dedication coming week after week as new builds arrive with cool features and less placeholder art is really something to behold. At Gamescom, we’ll show you what we’re talking about.

Let’s shake hands, give high fives, and drink some beers in Germany–come say hi at the Nordic Pavilion in Hall 3.2 or give us a shout at