Project Description

My Work is Not Yet Done

My Work Is Not Yet Done is a narrative-driven investigative horror game, combining elements of the survival/simulation genres with a dense, nonlinear plot exploring the imbrication and dissolution of human identities/meanings within uncanny wilderness.

It follows the final days of the inquisitor Avery, the last surviving member of a doomed scientific expedition into a remote and unaccountable stretch of sinking country. Tasked with tracking down the source of a strange transmission believed to have originated from somewhere within the region, she must navigate, survey and survive an eerie, ever-shifting landscape reclaimed by nature — and perhaps something stranger.

Work heavily revolves around a combination of open-ended investigative and analytical work, in tandem with a detailed simulation-lite approach to representing the character’s embodied physical experience at the level of moment-to-moment minutiae. It’s also about haunted radio signals, and catastrophic signal failures, and the encroaching emptiness of wilderness, and the paradox of an empty tomb. And lastly, of course (although hopefully not ironically), it’s about unfinished — and unfinishable — work.

About the Developer

Sutemi Productions is an American video game developer based in the New York metropolitan area. It derives its name from sutemi waza, a term in various Japanese martial arts that can be roughly translated as “arts of abandonment”: a series of techniques requiring the user to “abandon”, or sacrifice some part of their stance in order to create or exploit an opening in the opponent. The fundamental philosophy underlying all of the works produced under Sutemi Productions is that only through directly confronting, without insincerity or resentment, our deepest flaws and vulnerabilities can we begin to produce works that are honest to the best versions of what they – and we – can be.