First Glimpse of Neo-Noir Investigation Game Night Call Revealed at E3


Modern-day Paris—a vibrant city steeped with intrigue and a distinct beauty that is not only seen but felt deep within the soul. A city attuned to every inhabitant within its alluring grasp. However, a stunning backdrop can also be the perfect place for malice and malevolence to hide.

Much like the persona of Paris, Night Call is curiously multi-faceted. On one hand, it’s a procedurally generated investigative game that focuses on a stirring narrative told by passengers in the back of your cab via branching conversation choices. Each passenger has the potential of passing along knowledge that will help you discover the identity of a serial killer roaming the City of Lights, the ultimate goal of Night Call. On the other hand, it’s a resource management game where picking up fares and tips is what keeps your cab and livelihood afloat. Keep up with your bills to continue the investigation or fail completely if you run out of funds.

All of this is wrapped in a standout, gritty neo-noir aesthetic, designed and developed by French studio Monkey Moon, led by former Ubisoft developer Laurent Victorino. The gorgeous visuals within Night Call are being produced by Black Muffin, who recently lent their talent to cyberpunk vignette Void & Meddler.

Night Call is coming to PC and console in early 2019. For more information, visit

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Monkey Moon

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