Enter the Directionless World of Dandara

Allow us to introduce you to Dandaraa Metroidvania-inspired adventure featuring a bold heroine trying to bring direction to a directionless world in a bizarre, gravity bending place teeming with beauty. We tip our hats to the developers Long Hat House for creating such a wondrous, curious universe, one we fell in love with the moment we were allowed to enter its portals.

Dandara is being developed for PC, consoles, mobile, and specifically with the Nintendo Switch in mind.

Dandara is a natural fit for the Nintendo Switch because Dandara supports both touch controls and controller, and both types of controls are unique from one another. Touch control for Dandara is not a virtual d-pad with buttons on-screen, it’s a carefully thought-out input scheme that was created specifically with touch in mind so that it feels intuitive and not combative or frustrating. Only the Nintendo Switch can accommodate both styles of play, and what we’ve been able to achieve with the console so far punches above our expectations. You can count on Switch exclusive features and functionality when Dandara launches later this year.

Dandara will be playable on Switch at GDC and on PC at PAX East! Let us know if you’re at either show so you can experience the fascination only a directionless world can bring.

Official site: dandaragame.com
Twitter: twitter.com/rawfurygames
Discord: discord.gg/rawfury