Don’t Lose Your Head! GoNNER is Now Available on Nintendo Switch!

IGF and Nordic Games WiNNER Makes Console Debut!

Go look at the eShop on Switch right now, we’ll wait. You see it? You see that award-winning, procedurally-generated goodness? That’s right, the IGF award-winning “help your whale friend simulator” GoNNER is now available for download on the Nintendo Switch! High fives all around, everyone! GoNNER is available on Nintendo Switch for $9.99 USD and regional equivalent pricing worldwide.

We got so excited about Ditto’s little masterpiece making it to console for the first time that we made a trailer for it. GoNNER looks and sounds as gorgeous as ever and now it’s portable — hells yeah.


In GoNNER, you play as Ikk — a little fellow with a big heart. Your best friend is a whale named Sally, she is pretty great. You also know this other guy, Death, and he’s okay but seems to be hiding something. Turns out Sally needs help, and you’re the only one who can do the job. But what’s your task? To traverse through the deep and dark places nearby in search of something special.

Using a variety of ability granting heads, enemy destroying guns, and really cool backpacks — all of which can be combined in hundreds of different ways. You’ll lead Ikk as he jumps, climbs, shoots, and platforms through a beautiful world where everything is trying to make you lose your head. Don’t worry if you lose it though, we have replacements!

Pick up GoNNER today on the Nintendo eShop!