Do You Speak CTR, CPM, AdSense, and Other Marketing Crap? We Need to Hire You!

Hey! It’s that time again. We need help. This time we’re looking for someone to help us with marketing.

Marketing. Really? Marketing?

What is it? Like… really? Is it just a nebulous and inflated way of describing how to shout at strangers? Or is it a feared animal that lives in our house, even though we don’t want it? Or is it a benign force that gently guides us towards all the things we truly need, but didn’t realize we did, until we got nudged a little?

Who knows – right?

But regardless of what it is, we Raw Furians (ugh) think Seth Godin’s Marketing in Four Steps ( adequately captures how we feel about it. Here’s Seth:

The first step is to invent a thing worth making, a story worth telling, a contribution worth talking about.

The second step is to design and build it in a way that people will actually benefit from and care about.

The third one is the one everyone gets all excited about. This is the step where you tell the story to the right people in the right way.

The last step is so often overlooked: The part where you show up, regularly, consistently and generously, for years and years, to organize and lead and build confidence in the change you seek to make.

We’ve been able to follow Seth’s guidance here using a lot of grassroots efforts with PR and community outreach but we think it’s time to level up and start doing things involving strange acronyms we hear about such as CTR (Cat Training Ranch?), CPM (Cat Piss Matches?), and other stuff we probably don’t know about.

But along with understanding the foreign language of ad buys, we want to find someone that shares our view on crafting the narration, find the people that want to listen, figure out how to reach them without being pushy, obnoxious or generally trying to hook them on something they don’t want or need – but rather show them something that they might care enough about to want to engage with and hopefully share.

We want to find someone who truly cares about games – and especially our games, their impact, and the people that play them. Someone that understands that attention is given, not taken. Someone that can understand the core of the games we’re helping out with and how to best convey that core to the people that are likely to care about it.

Here are the details:

  • You are at level 30 (lots of XP and you are also really good at what you do)
  • You are someone who views marketing as a way to craft and tell true stories to people who want to lend their attention to them
  • In a previous life you were a product manager, online advertiser, or something along those lines, who not only crafted marketing strategies and campaigns but executed them
  • You believe in talking to people like they are people instead of forging a super professional metallic sounding corporate persona or voice – you don’t do “The Wizard of OZ” impressions.
  • You are T-shaped – a generalist – that can work on a strategic level but aren’t afraid of getting your hands dirty and take care of all the nitty gritty details as well
  • You know the games industry and you understand how it works. All those things like price points, SKUs, platform fees, revenue sharing, yadda yadda yadda… so you can help create and work with budgets, forecasts and projections
  • You also know marketing specific terms like CTR and CPM, you speak in pre-rolls, AdSense, takeovers, and you know if any of those things are even worth trying or if there’s something new that we should be doing
  • You understand and know all the current social media tools but you are always willing to try out new and interesting things that might carry a good story far
  • You are playful, positive, engaging and imaginative in your approach
  • You can easily craft a strategy and a roadmap to tell the story – where things are neatly put on timelines and easily turned into actions – which you can yourself act upon – all while you act Shakespeare in Love from beginning to end, to the immense pleasure of the rest of us
  • You are thorough and detail oriented and made of steel–Two of those three
  • You play games. Like… really play games because you genuinely love them
  • You live in (or can move to) Stockholm, Sweden or can easily work from home and commute to Stockholm on a regular basis – and you can start in June/July 2017


What else…

We’re a quirky company with a bunch of interesting benefits. We have a hangout in Gamla Stan (Stockholm) but we also work a lot from home. We don’t subscribe to the “proper hierarchical corporate structure” … or anything of that sort, really. We only care about output and don’t care at all about “ass-in-seat” metrics, nor do we measure them.

We offer competitive compensation in a kick-ass environment within a company that’s privately funded, that does whatever it wants, and defines itself not as a “for-profit” but as a “for-happiness” organization. As this post implies, we obviously care about what we do, but happiness comes first.

We are looking for someone who expands Raw Fury and helps us make a great thing even better. We want to be happy and we want to make other people happy. And we want to keep at it for a long time. Simple as that.


Send us your resume and cover letter (we’re still “professionals” to some degree), but most importantly send us something that shows off your personality and talent. When you’ve got all of that sorted, shoot it over to