Hear the voice of Kathy Rain in newly dubbed VO trailer

kathy rain logo2

And like that, Kathy Rain is coming out in one month for Windows and Mac! We hope she has this mystery wrapped up by then or else things are gonna get weird.

In the meantime, check out the new Kathy Rain website and add it to your wishlist on Steam, but only if you like strong female characters who will tell you exactly how many fucks they give (answer is zero). Kathy just discovered Twitter and is now tweeting live from ’95! Give her a follow and hear rants on Full House, why cassettes are better than CDs, the ludicrous fact that gas is at an all-time high of a buck a gallon, and all the other 90’s crap you totally forgot about that you are now nostalgic for at this very moment. Score!

We’re glad to FINALLY show off the newly revised VO trailer for Kathy Rain, featuring the voice of none other than Kathy herself as portrayed by the very talented Arielle Siegel!  If you’re an adventure game fan, then you’ll probably recognize her name from Technobabylon and Shardlight, two of adventure game publisher Wadjet Eye Games’ most recent titles. Arielle and the rest of the wonderful cast have finished recording and Clifftop Games is working hard to get all of that VO goodness into the game.

Are you going to be at PAX East? BECAUSE KATHY RAIN WILL BE THERE! We’re in the Indie MEGABOOTH again and this time we’re directly across the aisle from Ron Gilbert’s Thimbleweed Park, so come to our corner of the MEGABOOTH and get your fill of adventure games at the show.

We’ll see you in Boston! Until then, stay rebellious.