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Do you love games and really wanna subscribe to our press releases, preview/review our awesome games, interview our glamorous developers or some other press related thing?

Yay, please contact us here.

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So you want to send us a pitch…

You’ve come to the right place! We’re glad to take a look, flattered really that you’re even considering us. Thank you.

What to include in your pitch:

  • A playable build! 
  • Description of the experience you’re aiming for
  • An approximate date when you think your project will be finished
  • An estimate of your total budget 
  • Some GIFs or a video

We’re _mainly_ a premium game publisher focused on consoles/PC, we work with mobile platforms when it makes sense for a title. We want to help bring unique experiences and teams forward, and support them from slice to release (and then some). Please shoot us an e-mail at

Something to note:

  • We don’t really do VR/AR, MMORPGs (or really anything that’s multiplayer only), blockchain (or similar buzzword things), F2P, mobile first, asset flips, or match 3 games. You’re welcome to send the pitch along but likely we’ll shy away from it. 

If you’re interested, here you can find more in-depth information on what you should put in a pitch to Raw Fury (as well as some motivations behind it). 

Content Creators

creatorscreators [ at ] rawfury [dot] com

If you wanna play & create videos/stream our games –  simply apply for game codes at either of these links:
Sandbox Strat
Any questions at all, just email us via the address above!

Brand / Marketing

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Do you love games and want to talk to us about a marketing or brand opportunity for one of our games? If so, we can’t wait to hear from you. Please email us!


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