Come See Us at Tokyo Game Show!

Hey Raw Fury, do you want to go to Tokyo Game Show this year?

We don’t know, world. Will we have to eat endless amounts of yakitori and wash it down with frosty cold glasses of Kirin? I GUESSSSSSSSSSSSS.

That was pretty much how the internal conversations went at Raw Fury HQ (a.k.a. someone’s mom’s basement) when we talked about heading over to Japan to show our games at TGS this year! We’ve been making a big push toward putting our library on Switch, and Japan is kind of a big deal with that whole Switch thing, so here we go!

Where can you find us? Glad you asked!

Location: B-47 (Noio)

Kingdom: Two Crowns

Kingdom creator, Thomas van den Berg, has his own booth and will be personally showing off the next installment of the Kingdom series! Go take a look at the new co-op feature coming exclusively to Two Crowns already!

Location: B-48 (Raw Fury)


A beautiful metroidvania being developed from a team based in Belo Horizonte, Brazil, boasting a strong female character bringing balance to a world on the brink of oblivion. Instead of traditional platforming though, Dandara zips in all directions as the world itself is directionless. In a world teeming with unusual characters, special abilities to discover, secrets, and a whole new way to get lost in a metroidvania (because that’s why metroidvanias are fun!), Dandara looks to shake up the tried and true genre when it releases later this year.

This might be one of the more peculiar puzzle platformers you’ve seen. It’s also quite quirky, and we published GoNNER so that should give you an idea of the level of quirkiness we’re talking about here. Two things really set Uurnog Uurnlimited apart from the bunch:


    • UU will have a level editor for Steam Workshop post launch, and those levels can be downloaded to Switch. That might be the first instance of this particular type of support across platforms.


  • The game uses neural networks to dynamically make music as you play, another first!