Dear Monarchs!

We’d like to thank everyone that eagerly built their kingdoms spanning across many lands, each filled with secrets to be discovered. As your kingdoms expanded for each passing day, the seasons were passing as well. Eventually winter comes, which can be very harsh if your coffers are empty, making you hunker down behind safety of the walls as the Greed descend upon your Kingdom to pillage during the night. In the previous game Kingdom: New Lands, the intention was to escape the land with winter being the end state. In Kingdom Two Crowns however you must persevere through winter to spring and end the Greed. However, there is good news, the citizens have discovered new ways to be more active during winter allowing for more options to continue your plight against the Greed. Read below for more details:

  • Hunting during winter: While the smaller animals go into winter hibernation, there’s other animals that suddenly appear as the snow starts falling on the ground. But beware that you must first find this menacing animal deep in the forest, and once confronted it’s much tougher than the regular small game that roamed outside the walls of your kingdom during spring, summer and autumn.

  • Foraging during winter: Since the farms can’t harvest during winter, the Farmers have discovered foraging to bring in a bit of extra income. It’s not much but every bit helps.

  • Shinobi: Who says being a stealth warrior at night is all we’re good for?! During long nights of waiting in ambush the Shinobi came up with a brilliant way to pass time during the day instead of just sleeping.

  • Introducing the Gem Chest: Those gems sure are a heavy burden to carry around while you explore for valuable upgrades to use gems on. Now you can lighten your purse and store the gems in a stone chest. This appears by the Wharf once you’ve upgraded your Kingdom to a Stone Castle. Storing gems is a costly business, so it won’t be free for the Monarch to offload those precious gems.

  • Other updates: In addition to the above there’s also fixes and changes such as an upgrade to the Stable to make switch Steeds more affordable, improving appearance of shops on the edge of your kingdom walls as you expand, and optimisation of save data compression, to mention a few. We have also included Brazilian-Portuguese as a language option and improved the Russian text.

Nintendo Switch
We want to let you know that Switch is one of our higher priorities and we are still working on improving performance and implementing online and local co-op for two players with one console each as an option to split screen co-op. Right now, we don’t have an exact estimation but will keep you updated.

SteamOS (Linux)
Kingdom Two Crowns is coming soon to Linux. For eager monarchs, there’s a beta branch that can be tested on Steam. Please provide us with feedback and reports bugs by using the this form.

What holds the future for Kingdom Two Crowns?
In the immediate future there will be more quality of life updates like this Winter update. We promised new locations similar to the Japanese setting in Shogun. These will be coming later down the road and all we can say is that it will be worth the wait! But before venturing into completely new lands, there will be an update with Challenge Islands. These offer an alternative experience to the campaign with a tougher roguelike gameplay and custom rules. More on that later. Now venture forth and overthrow the Greed!